Version 0.9.0 | Github Repository | Created by Jesús Barquín

Commangular is an abstraction on top of AngularJS that aims at simplifying the creation and organization of operations in a self-contained code units and chain them together with an easy and fluent API.

Code Organization.

Keep your code organized in small and easy to maintain code units called "commands".

Chain Commands.

Chain operations together with a fluent api really easy to understand and use.

Reduce Dependencies.

Reduce dependencies in services and controllers. Dispatch events and leave commangular and angular binding do the rest.

AOP Like Interception.

Intercep command execution with a spring aspects flavour. @Before, @After, @AfterThrowing and @Around.

Angular Dependency Injection.

Inject anything from angular as you inject in controllers or services.

Command Flows.

Flows of commands with decision points for condicional command group execution based on preceding results or service values.

Sequence or Parallel.

Chain commands together for sequence or parallel execution.

Promises Based

Leave commangular dealing with promises and give you the real value.Pause a command execution returning an angular promise and much more.

Preceding Result Injection.

Inject preceding command results in following commands.