TodoMVC Rewritten with Commangular.

15 January 2014

I rewrote the TodoMVC AngularJS example to show how Commangular works. It is using some Commangular features like event aspects and flows. The original version has almost all the code in the controller. The Commangular version remove the code from the controller and move the logic to the infrastructure layer.All the sample has been done dispatching events directly from the view.

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Version 0.8.0 Is Out.

30 December 2013

A new Commangular version is out with a different way of creating command flows. The last implementation was poor and I have had some problems and limitations working with it, so I decided to improve the power of flows. Now you can create a command using an expresion that will be evaluated against the command context using the angular $parse service.

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Version 0.7.0 Is Out.

23 December 2013

The last version of commangular is out with some new features. The interception initialization setup has been improved and now is around 14x faster.The implemetation in 0.6.0 was extracting the regexp and then testing all the commands with it. I did some test simulating extra huge applications with 8000 commands and 8000 aspects intercepting 1000 of them, the results were unacceptable, about 14 seconds to initialize commangular.

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The Flight Dashboard Example.

15 December 2013

This is the first post and the blog programming is still not ready but I saw and example on github showing promise chaining and I want to demostrate how it looks like implemented with commangular.

You can see the sample here

I'm not going to write the FlightService because it is the same and I'm going to show two examples, one with a FlightData model and one without it.

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